Ink Master season 13 episode 8: Did Jason bounce back?

Jason ElliottEntering tonight’s Ink Master season 13 episode, we had a situation that could be best described as unusual. Jason Elliott found himself spared at the last second thanks to a pardon, which means that he does get to continue in the competition a little while longer.

Yet, getting the pardon does not guarantee long-term safety, and that is an issue he was forced to deal with for most of this episode. The Midwest ended up winning the Flash Challenge, and in doing so, they tried to work with the East to protect each other … again. Alas, it didn’t really work out that great at first … again. Both Jessa Bigelow and K Lenore Siner found themselves in danger at the end of the episode — it was color-theory week, and they found themselves each saddled with tattoo concepts that didn’t have a whole lot of color build into them. Tattooing food is hard enough in the first place, but new-school food is even harder.

There was a chance that the flash challenge win was going to blow up in the Midwest’s faces, but they lucked out thanks to in part to Jordi Pla. He was the artist Jason risked himself to protect last week, but this time around there was no saving him. He ended up in the bottom alongside Jessa and K, mostly because the ribs that were a part of his tattoo weren’t legible enough. While he may have had more new-school leanings than either Jessa or K, the question at the end of the episode boiled down to this — what tattoos were the best for the canvas to wear? You want to know what the tattoo is, and part of that seemed to sink Jordi.

With this, Jason moves forward now as a team of one, whereas the East gets to live on for another day. It’s interesting that they were narrowed down to three so fast and yet now, they’ve been able to stay at that number for a while. Also, kudos to Jimmy Snaz for a killer tattoo today — new-school isn’t what he’s known for so much as traditional tattoos, but he proved himself more than capable of dominating here.

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