The Rookie season 2 spoilers: Who’s impacted by Lucy being buried alive?

At this point, we don’t have to go through a lot to tell you here that The Rookie season 2 on Sunday night is going to be ALL sorts of intense. How in the world could it not be? We’re talking here about an episode that’s going to begin with Lucy Chen being buried alive and the quest to see if she can be found.

One of the things that we’ll give ABC some credit for is a pretty intense promotional campaign around what’s coming up. We’ll see if it’s enough to get more people watching, with the American Idol lead-in probably serving as an asset in its own way.

We don’t think that it’s going to be a surprise that Lucy is impacted greatly by her predicament, as we don’t know if she’s going to make it out of there alive. (We’d like to hope that she does, given that otherwise this is a rather-depressing end to her story.) Yet, she’s far from the only person impacted, as Tim Bradford is going to feel somewhat responsible for what happened to her. Here’s some of what Eric Winter had to say on that subject to TVLine:

“You’re going to see Tim lose his mind … Tim feels like he is the one who set her up on that date, even though he was cautious of that guy when he first met him.”

Even if Lucy ends up being okay in the midst of this situation, we don’t exactly think that this will wipe away this crisis for good. Just think about it like this — she’s going to deal with a lot of emotional consequences. While Chen may be a cop, this is not the typical sort of situation that cops go through. Also, we don’t exactly think that Bradford is the sort of character who is just going to be able to let something like this go. It’s going to be stick around in the back of his mind for some time.

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