Outlander season 5 episode 2: Is Claire really playing God?

ClaireOutlander season 5 episode 2 carried with it the title of “Between Two Fires,” and we think that this is an episode all about complications. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!) Because of Jamie and Claire’s presence in North America, coupled now with Roger and Bree, there are a lot of things that can change. To go along with that, there are also a number of different things that are at risk.

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Let’s start things off by noting this: Claire is wanting to do her best to be the best doctor imaginable … even if there are a lot of people disinterested in listening to her. There are people who don’t want to believe she knows best because she’s not a recognized doctor in the way that others are. That’s what she made a list under another name in order to try to encourage people to listen to her advice.

Oh, and she also tried to make penicillin before Brianna told her that she was running the risk of playing God. Claire reminded her, though, that Bree has also interfered with the timeline … and they all have.

While everything was going on with Claire, Jamie found herself in a precarious position having to figure out what the future would be for himself as he tried to tow a very delicate line. He saw more of what the Regulators were doing, and a lot of it was shocking and violent. Yet, he still wants to protect Murtagh, who is also trying to protect him. Something could give eventually, but we’re not entirely there as of yet.

As great as these stories were, there was a lot of horrifying stuff near the end of this episode revolving around Stephen Bonnet. We saw what happened with him and Marsden, which seemed to exist mostly to remind us that Bonnet knows about a possible child. That could be a driving force for him and that’s dangerous moving forward. Roger’s also aware now that Brianna is haunted by Bonnet thanks to the sketches, but he doesn’t know everything that she knows. Jamie obviously does, but he’s not passing that information around.

Overall, we do think “Between Two Fires” is a fantastic story — especially when it comes to Claire working with Marsali and establishing something new for herself as a surgeon with her apprentice.

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