‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Will Neal Cassady come to Storybrooke?

Once Upon a Time - Michael Raymond-James and Jennifer MorrisonWhile Sunday night’s new episode of “Once Upon a Time” season 2 was obviously leading to the “revelation” that Neal Cassady was going to be the Henry’s father, there are still plenty of questions worth asking. First of all, who would actually know where he was to send him the note with “broken” written on it? The only person who seemingly has that knowledge is August, and the last we saw of him in the present, he had turned back into wood. (Granted, this may have been cured when the curse was broken; we just don’t know yet for some sort of strange reason.)

Even though there are so many mysteries at hand, Jennifer Morrison chose to look at the “would Neal come to Storybrooke” debate in an interesting way in a chat with TV Guide, looking at it as an issue of whether or not this would be something he would even want to pursue given that everything happened between the two so many years ago:

“He obviously is posed with the possibility of coming back to Storybrooke because of the pigeon who brought him the little note …┬áSo I think definitely there’s going to have to be a decision made on his part as to whether or not he decides to follow up on what he started 10 years ago.”

Granted, there is still one major reason that Neal may want to pay her a visit: to apologize for abandoning her and ultimately having her arrested. Remember, Neal does not know that she was pregnant at the time, or that he is now a father unless August or someone else has told him. Therefore, his incentive to find her may not be as great as it would otherwise be, though the pigeon suggests that he is in regular contact with someone who could be cluing him in.

Do you think Neal knows he has a son out there, and will he turn up in Storybrooke if he is given an opportunity? If you want to take a look at Sunday night’s new episode of the show, be sure to click here.

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