Insatiable canceled by Netflix; season 3 hopes dim significantly

InsatiableNetflix’s recent trend of canceling shows left and right officially continues. We’ve already seen the end of the road for both Soundtrack and Spinning Out. Today, confirmation has come in for another show in Insatiable.

Earlier this month, it was Alyssa Milano who first confirmed the cancellation on Twitter. Meanwhile, Netflix has now seemingly put the nail in the coffin further. The show’s exist is in some ways both a surprise and not a surprise at all. This show was seemingly a strong performer on the streaming service in season 1, but at the same time it was highly controversial with a number of people. It got a season 2 renewal, but it felt like the buzz and promotion around it was significantly less than what it had for the first go-around.

In the end, we do think that the Insatiable cancellation speaks further to what is a larger, ongoing problem at Netflix — them picking up so many shows and then canceling the ones that don’t meet their standards. It’s a risky game to play given that they’re reliant on viewers watching their stuff in order to stay successful. However, the more shows they cancel, the harder it’s going to be for viewers to become committed to them over time. Netflix’s got a devoted audience, and so far it doesn’t seem that a lot of these cancellations have hurt their bottom line. Yet, is that going to continue to be the case. We’re not quite sure.

As for whether or not there’s going to be a season 3 of Insatiable somewhere else, we’re unfortunately not so sure about that. Because of the way that streaming providers often take ownership of their properties, it can be really difficult for another network to pick them up later. The original streamer may have to give up digital rights, or a network will have to pick it up knowing that it may not be able to get too much love from streaming. Other than One Day at a Time, there aren’t a lot of canceled Netflix shows to get life elsewhere.

What do you think about Insatiable being canceled at Netflix?

Do you think this speaks towards a larger problem going on at the streaming service?

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