Indecision 2012: Jon Stewart announces President Obama re-election

At 11:19 a.m. Eastern time, CNN made the production that President Barack Obama had won the Presidential election in a narrow vote over former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Unfortunately for Comedy Central, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” decided to go to commercial break about five seconds before the announcement was officially made by the cable news network that Obama had won the key battleground state of Ohio, which got him to the key 270-electoral vote threshold that would put him far enough ahead in order to ensure that he would remain president for at least one more term. This makes him the third straight president to receive two terms in office, and he also is facing the same situation as he was before the house, in that the Republicans still control the House of Representatives, and the Democrats are still in control of the Senate.

After Stewart came back from commercial break, he chose to respond to the election results by first reading the results out loud, but then making the following statement:

“We are in the same f—ing place that we were in two years ago.”

For Stewart, the show’s ratings, and the rest of the news media, this was a shock that the election was actually over before midnight, especially given that it appeared as though we were going to be in for a long night courtesy of the way in which voting was going in Florida and some of the other states. However, the tide started to turn when Obama won such key states as Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin.

Even with this early result, Stewart still managed to have himself plenty of fun courtesy of an interview with a holographic George Washington.

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