Lucifer season 5 episode 14 title could be emotional…

LuciferLucifer season 5 episode 14 is an installment that will arrive close to the end of the series. (Technically, the entire second half of the season will stream all at once, but still.)

Over the past several weeks, we’ve done our part to share various episode titles courtesy of the writers room and some other teases — the title for episode 14 could prove to be the most curious of all. In a post on Twitter (see below), the room highlighted a clue about the episode, written by Chris Rafferty. It’s a series of numbers — there is a zero and an eight on each side, and then two numbers circled in the middle — 515 and 516. These are going to be the final episodes of the series.

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We know that there are three words to this title, and when we look at this, one thing really comes to mind: “Nothing Lasts Forever.” Think about it this way — “nothing” is teased with the zero, and if you flip the 8 around, it looks like the symbol for infinity … or forever. The two titles that are circled could be a reminder that there are only two episodes left. Basically, nothing lasts forever and the show could be over soon.

So what makes this title, if this is the title, so emotional within the Lucifer world? Think about it like this — it’s a nod to the series’ own mortality, but also suggests that something great could soon be gone. We don’t find that people often say “nothing lasts forever” in reference to sad things that they are going through. More often than not, it’s a reference to happier times that suddenly fade away. It’s also an interesting title just because Lucifer himself has been around pretty much forever…

Anyway, we’re probably going to be waiting for a long time to better understand the meaning of this — the first half of Lucifer season 5 should be out over the next several months, and we will be forced to wait for whatever is next.

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