Robert Pattinson: The greatest late-night TV guest ever?

Jimmy KimmelIn watching Robert Pattinson’s new interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday night (in which you can watch the video for below), there is a sort of natural comfort about it that you don’t often get when big-name actors appear on late-night talk shows. Even though the “Twilight” star was surrounding by screaming fans, he was affable, intelligent, funny, and also even gracious to the people who have supported him over the past few years. Plus, he told a story involving people running around with hair and balls that was absolutely hysterical to listen to.

With all of this, we were reminded to ask the question in the title above: at least when it comes to being an actor of his stature, is Pattinson the best late-night interview out there? This is not to be meant as obvious pandering to “Twilight” fans, but rather just a reflection on his personality that comes across as occasionally manic, occasionally awkward, but always hysterical. There has yet to be a major solo TV interview conducted yet where we have found him boring, and his appearances are thus more anticipated than just about any other “Twilight” cast member.

Perhaps the prime reason Pattinson comes over so well in these TV interviews is that he never really bothers to take himself too seriously. After his reported (and¬†apparently¬†short-lived) split from Kristen Stewart earlier this year, he was still brave enough not only to go on a press tour to promote his movie “Cosmopolis,” but also to joke about himself by eating ice cream with Jon Stewart and vaguely talk about his feelings. He manages to give enough details about his life to be rewarding to interviewers, but still keeps something to himself as though he is protecting Fort Knox.

Tell us: even if you are not a “Twilight” fan, do you still find Pattinson one of the most entertaining interviews out there? To read some more from the world of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” be sure to click here.

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