Hawaii Five-0 season 10 episode 15: Is the truth about Adam revealed?

Hawaii Five-0Entering Hawaii Five-0 season 10 episode 15 on CBS Friday night, it was already abundantly clear that Adam was going to be in a tough spot. He’s already become a double agent of sorts with the Yakuza, but he’s also trying to keep his allegiance to Five-0 to some degree. He’s walking a very delicate line and with that, there’s no guarantee that he will be able to do so forever.

As a matter of fact, it felt like he was at a breaking point … but he somehow may still be able to move forward.

Adam’s dilemma – After Grover’s niece Siobhan found herself taken in by the Yakuza, he had to find a way to both rescue her while also working to ensure that he didn’t blow his cover fully. He didn’t fully succeed, given that he recognized that the Yakuza wouldn’t help him unless he was able to return Siobhan’s new boyfriend and fellow police academy student. He worked to get him out of Five-0 and then take him to a point where he could make an exchange. He was exposed for doing so, but he tried to cover it us as a rogue operation, one that needed to be done and one he was uniquely qualified for.

The result – We think that because Siobhan was brought back in one piece, some of the anger towards Adam’s recklessness may subside … but remember here that Steve searched through Adam’s place earlier on in the episode with Danny’s help. None of his suspicions are going to stop now, and while they may try to blame the recent Yakuza problems on Siobhan’s boyfriend, that’s not fully the case. Consider this just a stop along the way towards what is probably going to be a larger confrontation down the road.

Oh, and we should also say to consider this a great directorial debut for Ian Anthony Dale, who brought a lot of intensity to this episode … plus also a great Steve/Danny scene at the very end of it.

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