Election 2012 on TV: Jon Stewart slams Newt Gingrich, cable news for predictions

The Daily Show with Jon StewartAs you probably know by now, there is something rather historic going on in America today in the Presidential Election, and we are going to do our best to bring you an angle of this event that is not really being presented anywhere else. Let’s start this off by saying that our intention is not to endorse a particular candidate, or to mock and ridicule either President Obama or Governor Romney for anything that they have said. Why? There are already plenty of other outlets for that.

Instead, our intention is to bring you interesting election-related responses from the TV community, who often shifts deep into bedlam on the first Tuesday of November as they try to find a way to fill long hours with pointless, incessant bantering about subjects that have been drilled in viewers’ heads for so long that the drill is now starting to run out of power.

With that, we turn to Jon Stewart, who had a pretty insightful and not to mention hilarious take on the structure of cable news on Monday night’s “The Daily Show”: what’s with all predictions? Within the past 48 hours, politicians from both parties have come on TV, and without really any substantial evidence to back it up save for their own experience in office. The truth here is that, no matter what sort of posturing or grand proclamations that you hear on TV, nobody really knows just what is going to transpire when it comes to voting. If the polls are even (which is what current data shows), we are instead looking at a test of how long voters are willing to wait in lines, brave bad weather, or even if they feel passionate enough about the candidates to hit the ballot box. Therefore, anyone who says that either Obama or Romney will win by a wide margin is just basically saying so to hear themselves talk.

Check out the video here below, and be sure to visit this link to find out what more you can expect from Stewart today.

Photo: Comedy Central

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