Is Alexander Ludwig leaving VIkings after season 6 midseason finale?

Vikings season 6 bjornTonight’s Vikings season 6 midseason finale was epic — but did you really expect anything else? This was a grand conclusion to the first part of the series, and we had an epic battle to boot featuring some of Oleg’s soldiers in the heat of the chaos.

We expected to lose someone important — as a matter of fact, we would be somewhat appalled in the event that it didn’t happen. There were just so many bodies on the ground, stranded all across the coast.

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Unfortunately, the bad news came, and it came for someone we didn’t want to see go: Bjorn Ironside. We’re speaking here about an iconic character, someone who found himself seemingly taken down in the heat of a battle. It was brutal, especially with the nature of his scenes with Ivar all around him. The multiple-timeline nature of the midseason finale made things a little more complicated — what we saw was the demise of Bjorn. At what point did it transpire in relation to everything else?

Here’s the thing — because of the back-and-forth nature of the storytelling near the end of the episode, it’s hard to know anything with 100% certainty. Plus, crazier things have happened in television than Bjorn finding his way out of this. (Michael Hirst even said to TV Guide that not everything in the midseason finale is as it seems.)

Oh, and Bjorn wasn’t the only person to fall within this episode — think about King Harald! It feels like he’s also a goner, though once again the show didn’t necessarily hand down a whole cornucopia of answers. The best way to look at Vikings tonight is as a debate over what was is what is. Bjorn wanted to believe that he would win — and yet, he did not. No matter whatever confidence he had within himself, all things do end and his plans just did not pan out. This is largely the brutality of this world and the way that not all favorites have a happy ending.

For now, here’s our conclusion — even if Bjorn is dead, we don’t think that Ludwig is leaving just yet. *Update* Alexander Ludwig has also told TV Guide that you will see Bjorn again … but in what form? The plot thickens, but at least we know Alexander will still be around.

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