‘Gossip Girl’ review: Serena and plenty of spectators

Gossip Girl“Gossip Girl” season 6 has been a polarizing season for most of its diehard fans, and we’re not entirely sure Monday night’s new episode is really going to do anything to change any minds. There was a great deal of Ivy and Rufus plotting, more nasty stories hitting the press, and Dan somehow getting himself Serena’s room to stay at for a little while.

Perhaps the most shocking part about this episode was really just seeing how bizarrely coincidental / incestuous the Upper East Side has become here. Let’s try to explain. Serena, who is currently dating Steven, previously dated Nate, who is dating Steven’s daughter Sage. Steven learned about this, while Serena learned in return that Steven and Lily have a past together. Ew? Definitely.

Much of the rest of the episode was spent in the continued struggle by Chuck Bass to try and take Bart down a few notches, and this time he largely had the help of Blair without many interruptions. The main issue he ran into was just trying to figure out that Lady Alexander, who was supposedly involved in Bart faking his own death, was actually a horse. We went to a horse show this week, but perhaps (or for sure) what was more interesting was just uncovering how shady of a past Bart really has.

To be honest, it’s just hard to get that invested in Chuck’s daddy issues at the moment, largely because we like the focus to be on the characters who have been around all series considering how many episodes are actually left. Dan has to find a way to rebuild some bridges, Serena needs to find a way to strike back Regina, and Chuck and Blair just need to be together already … seriously. We’ve tried to be patient.

Did you find Monday night’s new episode enjoyable, or simple frustrating? If you want to read some more scoop on the series finale, be sure to click here.

Photo: The CW

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