Super Bowl commercials: Jimmy Fallon, John Cena, & Michelob Ultra

John FallonThere are a number of memorable ads this Super Bowl Sunday, and over the course of the big game, consider CarterMatt your source for some of the best! We’re going to be presenting you with ways to watch/re-watch the ads, plus also our verdict on whether or not some of them are effective at their intended goal. Sure, they want to be funny and buzzworthy, but shouldn’t they also sell the product?

For the sake of this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the new Michelob Ultra ad, one that is featuring John Cena helping to “train” Jimmy Fallon — or, at least, put him through his paces before he can sit down and have a beer at the tail end of it. This is a ridiculously over-the-top ad, but it’s one with celebrity cameos and a lot of vibrancy to it.

The pitch – Fallon plays football, volleyball, and tries to go for a run with Cena backing him up. He struggles to do it all but, in the end, he does get a chance to sit back and have a low-calorie alcoholic beverage. The basic idea here is that it’s a guilt-free drink that he won’t feel bad about after doing everything that he did.

What Works – First things first, the commercial is funny — there’s a lot of good physical comedy here and you’ve got two big-name stars in here in Cena and Fallon. Also, we love the role of The Roots in here. You’ve got cameos, comedy, and a wide array of settings crammed into a short period of time. Also, Michelob still has the message that they want at the end of it. It’s hard to really argue with anything they’re doing in here.

What Doesn’t – Is it a little too predictable as to where the ad is going? Probably, but it’s a Super Bowl commercial. We don’t think that there’s anything in here that was ever going to be revolutionary given the audience.

Overall Verdict – We would argue overall that Michelob has a winner here. It both makes you laugh and also sells the product. With so many beer companies doing the same old thing time and time again, this at least feels memorable.

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