‘Two and a Half Men’ season 10 spoilers: Look who’s back now!

“Two and a Half Men” season 10 is definitely setting things up like the last for the CBS sitcom, and they are doing so by ensuring that many of the show’s most-popular characters over the course of its history get some more time in the spotlight. First, we saw this courtesy of Rose coming back for a two-episode arc in which she briefly romanced Ashton Kutcher’s Walden Schmidt. Now, get read for a major ghost from one Alan Harper’s past. (No, it is not Kathy Bates playing Charlie again. “Ghost” is a metaphor here.)

According to a report from TV Guide, April Bowlby, who played Alan’s dim-witted second wife Kandi over the course of multiple seasons on the show, will be returning for an episode set to air on November 29. This time around, however, there is no guarantee that she will be bonding again with Jon Cryer’s character. All we know is that she will be getting close to one of the show’s current regulars, which at the moment does include Lyndsey as well as Alan, Jake, Walden, and Berta.

The mystery scene featuring Kandi in the bedroom was shot without an audience, but here is what Bowlby had to say about it:

“We found our post-coital position and it was very quick and cozy … When the truth comes out, I’m sure this will all blow up in everyone’s faces.”

From one perspective, it would be easy to come out here and accuse “Two and Half Men” season 10 of just running on fumes, and bringing back people from its past because they are too lazy to cast anyone knew. At first, we even felt this way, but we are starting to like getting so many updates on some familiar faces, especially now that Kandi is actually a successful actress.

What do you think about this batty character returning?

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