‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: Who wants more time travel?

One of the joys of television is that anything is possible, and “Supernatural” season 8 is continuing the very tradition of everything that has come before it. In some ways, there is almost an element of poetry to the scoop that we have to share now in that we are talking about someone from the past coming to the present, and it is for a show that is bringing back an element from its own past in order to make this happen.

Now, let’s get down to specifics. According to a new report from E! News, we will be meeting a cult member by the name of Henry on an upcoming episode of the show who is traveling all the way from 1958 up to 2013, and he is also going to be bringing something valuable along for the ride. Sadly, there is not too much else known about the character at this time, but it is fair to assume that this “something valuable” would not be described as such had we never heard of it before. There are very few coincidences with this show, and this has to be counted as such.

Based on what we know here already, the general assumption is that this episode is probably not going to air until the new year, and will hopefully be a part of what is going to be a very exciting spring arc. Much of what is coming up beyond November is under wraps, at least other than the news that both Misha Collins (Castiel) and Amanda Tapping (Naomi) are set to continue their guest spots on the show for several more episodes.

What do you think about this story, at least based on some of the basic plot details that we have already?

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