Is Ray Donovan new tonight on Showtime? A look towards season 8 future

Is Ray Donovan new tonight on Showtime? Within this article, we come bearing more information on that — plus also the series as a whole.

Let’s begin here by getting some of the bad news out of the way, as there is no new episode coming on Showtime this weekend. As for the reason why, that’s rather simple: Go ahead and blame the ten-episode order. While most of the past few seasons of the series have operated with longer, 12-episode orders, this time around it was kept a little shorter. That’s fundamentally why there is no new episode coming on this weekend, as last week marked the season finale.

With that in mind, we’re left with an ending where Mickey Donovan is somehow still out there, Ray has more closure on his sister, and there are more dead bodies — something that has become a fundamental staple of this series over time.

Now, the real waiting begins when it comes to one key question — whether or not we’re ever going to see a season 8 on Showtime down the road. For now, we remain cautiously optimistic, but it does still feel rather-strange to not know, one way or another, if the series is coming back. This is premium cable and, more than that, this is a flagship show! It seems like it doesn’t have the same support at the network it once had, though, and star Liev Schreiber has already come out and said that it’s really up to the powers-that-be as to whether or not Ray Donovan comes back for more. If the fans rally for it, we do think that it could happen.

In general, it feels like a final season of around ten episodes is likely … though we may have to wait a little while in order to see it. If we were to guess, we would say that come this spring, we’ll have an indication as to the future. A final season could premiere at some point in late 2020/early 2021. Just for the sake of keeping subscribers happy and ensuring that there is a proper send-off, it only feels appropriate to give Ray Donovan one final kick at the can.

What do you want to see on Ray Donovan moving forward?

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