ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2, episode 6 review: [Spoiler] gets arrested!

“Revenge” season 2 has been full of twists and turns, but if there is one thing that it has been lacking at times, it is the sort of “wow” moment that really got fans around the world talking last year. Luckily, we had all of that and then some courtesy of the new episode that aired Sunday night on ABC. Emily Thorne managed to in part turn Victoria Greyson into an ally without her even knowing it, and we saw the most awkward wedding of all time end with the groom in handcuffs.

There’s few sights on TV as worthwhile as watching Conrad Grayson get arrested for the murder of Gordon Murphy, especially when it comes just moments after he said “I do.” He was quick of course to blame Victoria for the arrest, even though she was not the person actually responsible for the White-Hared Man’s death. (As for the arrest itself, that is an entirely different story.)

What unfolded next was not interesting just because of Conrad’s arrest, but also thanks to the reaction of Kara to Gordon’s death. The two were in love, and we learned through her that he was going to retire once his current mark was over. Could this set Kara on a path of revenge all her own? It would be interesting to see a “like mother, like daughter” situation come on this … even if the mother does not even realize that Emily is her daughter. We are not even sure that Emily is thinking about this at the moment, mostly because she was too busy getting closer to Aiden after sharing an awkward exchange with Daniel at the “wedding.”

The episode ended with Conrad cracking a deal to somehow get out of jail, and the only thing better than his arrest was the look on Victoria’s face seeing him strut on in to her bedroom. Just in case this was not enough to make you realize that this was the strongest episode of the season, it ended with some stunners sure to drive some fans crazy: first,  Jack proposed on board his boat, and Amanda said yes! Then, we saw how Emily created the grand tableau that led to Conrad getting arrested in the first place.

As great as all of this was, the fact that someone now knows who Emily really is may make all of moot if the information ever gets out.

Do you think this episode finally delivered on what you have been hoping for ever since “Revenge” season 2 first began?

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