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Tonight on Ink Master season 13 episode 3, we had ourselves a tattoo marathon! This is one of the harder tasks of a given season, and we gotta admit that we were rather surprised that we saw it this early. The same goes with all of it eventually culminating with a fairy-based tattoo competition that was effectively a modified pin-up challenge. This is almost always a kiss of death in this competition.

Over the course of the episode, there were two different teams who found themselves in jeopardy — the South and the East. (There was some debate among the judges over whether or not the right teams were declared safe.) The East felt like they had the advantage going into this, largely due to the fact that they had an American traditional expert there to help them on the style — Jimmy Snaz. He knows this stuff better than almost anyone! That still doesn’t mean everything, and the East time has struggled to keep its members as of late.

When it comes to the Weirdest Tattoo Out There Award, the easy prize goes to Jason Elliott for what he threw out there tonight. He basically decided to go so out-there that it would be hard to view this as a pin-up at all. (Also, this was his way to get back at the judges for some of what they did previously.)

As we got near the end of the episode, it looked like K Lenore Siner and Money Mike Thornton were going to be the two artists in trouble. Yet, Patrick Flynn struggled with some big-time skin trauma, and that often does become the thing that sends you home. K was the first of the three who was declared safe, and it was between Money Mike and then Patrick as to who went home. Patrick, alas, departed in the end — another reminder of what we just said about skin trauma. He’s a talented guy, but this is something that has done in so many artists over the years.

Moving forward, you better hope that the South and the East can just get it together! For now, it seems like the West and the Midwest are just completely steamrolling the other teams.

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