NCIS season 17 episode 13 review: Did Palmer hire a new assistant?

At the core of NCIS season 17 episode 13 was a bizarre mystery. After all, why in the world would an unmanned drone target and kill someone?

Through the episode, we had a chance to survey the field on a number of characters who were involved in some risky experiments when it comes to improving military weaponry. Surveying the witnesses proved complicated, with the standout being a Marine named Diana (played by Katie Leclerc) who lost her hearing and was trying to cover it up.

We can’t exactly say that the killer reveal was that surprising — mostly because this is one of those episodes that is hard to be super-invested in. Yet, the closing minutes were exciting enough as Diana found herself attacked by someone desperate to cover up their work and their secret once and for all. Luckily, her knowledge of her surroundings paid off and she kept herself alive along enough for NCIS to show up.

The story that we will be more apt to remember from this episode comes courtesy of Jimmy Palmer, who is doing everything that he can to try and find a capable assistant. Throughout the episode, we saw him being about as hard of a critic as he possibly could be, doing whatever he could in order to single out possible candidates for a wide array of different reasons. In the end, it did feel like he’d settled on someone … though they felt more like a clone of Ducky than some actual human being.

We spent most of the final ten minutes waiting to see if there was some sort of surprise twist coming with Ducky 2.0. What did we find? Well, Jimmy was eventually told by Kasie that he was the same as David McCallum’s character through and through. Unfortunately for Palmer, this character (named Crane) opted to not take the job, feeling as though Palmer did not “understand his own abilities” enough to really be able to handle help.

So yeah … Palmer went through everything that eh did in this episode with no real payoff at all.

CarterMatt Verdict

Leclerc did a great job within this episode as Diana, and we’re glad that the case did allow for her to get another job — even if she was medically discharged over her hearing loss. This episode gave this character new life, but for Palmer, he’s left being back at square one.

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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