ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5, episode 6 preview: Kate’s sci-fi secret and more (video)

We always knew that Kate Beckett was a detective who had a certain affinity for solving cases … but who also knew that she was a fan of science fiction before she ever picked up her gun and badge? This geeky side of Beckett is what we are set to learn about in Monday’s “Castle” season 5 episode “The Final Frontier,” which will teach us some about the character’s past while at the same time giving us a case that allows everyone to have a little bit of fun.

Kate’s specific secret here, that she was such a fan of the fiction series “Nebula-9” even to the point of dressing up as one of the characters, is blown up courtesy of one of her old pals from Stanford, who she runs into while out on the show floor and has a brief, and very awkward, conversation with. The only thing better than finding out Kate’s secret here is seeing the look on Castle’s face when he forms the mental image of Beckett in a tight blue uniform.

Hilariously, this episode also reveals that Becket is not the only one at this convention with a secret, as Castle also runs into his daughter Alexis dressed in the sort of way that many do for these sort of events: in as little as possible. Only at comic conventions can you get away with dressing up in such skimpy outfits, and the sight of this literally makes Rick’s skin crawl.

Now, onto the case at hand. After a murder at the event everyone is on high alert, and Castle and Beckett are forced into interviewing a number of “Nebula-9” actors, whether it be a woman who has tried her best to move on from the show, or a washed-up actor who is still milking it for everything that he can.

All of these sneak peeks really add up to one thing: this may very well be the most exciting episode of “Castle” season 5 yet, at least for those who love Nathan Fillion’s work on “Firefly” and some other science fiction series across the board.

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