Supergirl season 5 episode 10 spoilers: Understanding the ‘new’ Lex

Lex LuthorFollowing the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event Supergirl season 5 episode 10 is arriving on The CW this Sunday. What can you expect to see? Well, for starters, think in terms of a brand-new dynamic featuring Lena and Lex Luthor.

One of the things that we’re going to see play out on Sunday is Lex doing what he can to show that, in this new post-Crisis world, he’s suddenly different. It’s been established now that Luthor Corp and the DEO work hand to hand and on some level, he’s one of the good guys. There’s been some massive changes that have unraveled, but the problem is that Lena is suddenly hypnotized and under Lex’s spell. She knows what happened before, and also presumed that he was gone. That’s not the case, and upon learning the truth, she notes in a TVLine sneak peek that she is now in “Hell.”

One of the things that we’re left to wonder moving through the rest of this episode is simply this: What is Lex’s new motive? Is it possible that he really could be a partner for good? Or, if this one of those ordeals where he finds people useful until they’re not anymore and then, at that point, he decides to go ahead and cast them aside. That could be the most convenient thing for him to do, and it’s certainly not something that would shock us in the slightest.

There’s also a Kara element to all of this that will need to be explored — but since she’s not in this particular sneak peek, that’s something to be considered as important down the road. Whether he is visible for the remainder of the season or not, Lex will find a way to leave his mark. He almost always has a tendency to do that.

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What do you think is going to happen on Supergirl season 5 episode 10?

Do you think that it’s possible for Lex Luthor to change at all, or is this all just going to be another elaborate scheme? Be sure to share in the comments, and we also recommend that you stick around for some other news on the show. (Photo: The CW.)

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