Is The Simpsons new tonight on Fox? A look at what’s to come

SimpsonsIs The Simpsons new tonight on Fox? Within this article, we offer up an answer on that, but then also look more towards the future of the series on Fox.

The bad news that we have to report on here is simply this: There is no new episode of the series coming on the air tonight. Why is that? Think in terms of the NFL playoffs, which are taking up a big chunk of real estate on Fox. There are going to be some more new episodes coming, but you may have to wait for a little while to see them. As for how long, it could be, at the earliest, February 16 based on some of the press-release info that is out there right now.

While it may be tempting to want Homer and company back on the air sooner, what are you going to put them on the air against? Next week, for example, is the NFC Championship Game. After that, meanwhile, you’re going to have the Grammys. Then, there’s the Super Bowl (also airing on Fox), and then after that you have the Oscars. All of these shows can be ratings Kryptonite and it’s not something that average network wants anything to do with. That’s why Fox wants to give The Simpsons a break.

We know that there are some great episodes coming, including one near the end of February with a lot of Marvel-related cameos, so there are some reasons to be excited over the future. There’s also still this: The fact that there is no evidence at the moment that the show will be ending anytime soon. One of the great things about The Simpsons is that it’s had so much time of unparalleled security, which has made it as a pop-culture entity more accessible to great guest stars and fans alike. There just hasn’t been a lot of guessswork and the focus can be on what it should be on — the comedy more so than anything else.

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