‘Homeland’ season 2 photo: [Spoiler] has some explaining to do…

Is someone getting set to have one of the worst days of their lives on “Homeland” season 2? Based on the new photo that we are seeing now, it may be pretty easy to bet that it at least has to be in their personal top five.

(Warning in advance: the following photo is from episode 7 airing next week, so stop reading now if you want to avoid speculation at all costs as to what could happen Sunday night. There are no actual spoilers.)

We are no body language experts, but based on the way in which Dana and her new “friend” Finn Walden is acting in this photo, they are going through some pretty heavy stuff. Is Dana coming clean about the hit-and-run that happened last week? Whatever she is saying, Finn is so distraught about it that he is not even willing to practice the common courtesy known as eye contract.

When this story about Dana first started up a few weeks ago, it felt almost superfluous to the real meat of the story going on with Carrie and Brody. Then again, our cynical selves really should have known better that “Homeland” would not show us something unless it was essential to a storyline coming up later. When you consider that Brody’s daughter and the Vice-President’s son are involved in this, we could be looking at an incident here that becomes a major problem in the political world if the wrong people (i.e. the media) find out about it.

Our theory? We are looking at a teenage strategy session to figure out how to handle this incident discreetly, that way it never surfaces to the public. In most shows, this would be enough to give a powerful family a heart attack a hundred times over; but here, it is only the tip of the iceberg when you consider what Brody has already done, and what he could be capable of moving forward.

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