Blue Bloods season 10 episode 12 review: Did Danny help Delgado?

Blue Bloods season 10

At the center of Blue Bloods season 10 episode 12 was a vastly important story for Danny Reagan — and one that asked a whole lot of questions. Was he burning the candle a lightly too brightly?

Within this episode, we saw Donnie Wahlberg’s character eagerly do whatever he could in order to find Luis Delgado’s son after her learned that his kids’ safety was one of the provisions to him being willing to testify against the cartel. It was nice to have an appearance in here from Lou Diamond Phillips, and because Danny understood at least some of Delgado’s pain, he was willing to do whatever he could to help him … even if that meant breaking a few rules across the way.

It was some of this rule-breaking spirit, after all, that defined a lot of the story elsewhere this week. Just look, for example, at what we saw with Eddie trying to go the extra mile to get results in her case … even if that irked Erin along the way. She has a specific way of doing things and, in the end, she didn’t take altogether well to some ideas coming in from elsewhere. Eddie and Erin even clashed at family dinner before Erin decided that the best thing would be to work with Eddie, given that she was more passionate about results than anyone else she was going to find.

(Side note: Did anyone else think that Eddie was being set up in this episode to become a detective down the road?)

It was Frank Reagan’s storyline within this episode that proved to be the most tear-jerking, as the NYPD commissioner found himself scrambling in a way we don’t often see them. He was forced to view a record number of police suicides, but simultaneously have no clear understanding as to what caused them or how to make things any better.

In the end…

Danny visited Delgado to tell him about rescuing his two sons, and from there Danny pressed him to go on the stand, no matter the cost. Luis agreed, and that was a rare moment of common ground for some former adversaries.

As for Frank, he found a way to stage some sort of ceremony to honor the deceased cop and for the widow to speak out about what happened. This wasn’t a cure-all for what transpired, but maybe it was a step on the road to healing. For Frank, that’s all he can ask for. (Frank also hid behind the scenes so that he wouldn’t be a distraction.)

CarterMatt Verdict

We wish there was more Lou Diamond Phillips in this episode (he’s so excellent!), but we understand why he wasn’t available all that much due to Prodigal Son. What we did have throughout was an hour that showcased just how much the Reagans care about their jobs … but Danny has to get a nap soon before he passes out at work or something.

As for Frank’s storyline, let’s applaud Blue Bloods for having the bravery to go there.

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This review was written by Jessica Carter.

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