‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Could Deb and Dexter return to form?

One of the interesting moments in this past episode of “Dexter” season 7 was something that came near the very end, where Deb admitted to her brother that while she was not necessarily going to stop him from acting on his “need,” she did not want any part of it at all. From one standpoint, you could look at this almost as an argument that we are going to see this show go back to being the way it was in the first six seasons, with Michael C. Hall’s title character acting on his urges and with Deb now looking the other way.

But is this really the case? Not according to Jennifer Carpenter, who explains in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter that

“They cannot go back to the way they were. Never. He’s always just been just out of reach, so it’s almost like he finally walked Deb into that church and to see him drop that blade was like ripping the rest of a band aid off and exposing the relationship for what it was … I’ve always wondered what would happen when Deb finds out and the answer was either she’ll arrest him or she’ll fall in line. And the writers didn’t make her question it. It’s a simple as that. It’s become a fact-finding mission. Everyone expected to get their results off the top in the first episode of the seventh season and they may not get it until the finale or beyond. For the first time in a long time, the show’s unfolding like real life, which is why it’s been so satisfying to play and the easiest season to promote because I can’t stop … I think the best kill we’ve ever done on this show is killing the big bad — that whole formula — because everyone really is operating without a map. There’s no navigation to think that’s going to take you through the season. You have to show up every week and hold on.”

Some of the buzz already on this season suggests that some major shockers are coming, including a series finale set on New Year’s Eve that has some buzz suggesting that it could be one of the best shows that “Dexter” as a whole has ever produced.

What do you think of some of Carpenter’s comments on this subject?

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