‘The Bachelor Canada’ review: A look at Brad Smith’s final three

“The Bachelor Canada” is almost at an end already, even though it really does still feel as though this show just began a matter of days ago. We have seen some surprising exits (Chantelle), eliminations (Ana), and also in general moments that we did not think would be a part of this inaugural season north of the border.

With all of this being said, this past week’s episode really felt as though it was one of the biggest foregone conclusions ever. Anyone who watched this show all season long had to know that Gabrielle was not long for this competition, mostly because she has barely received any alone time with Brad Smith save for the hometown date this week. She also has mostly just been shown stirring the pot with some of the other women, and generally this sort of edit typically means that you are going to be sent home soon.

As for the final three women, we have to say this is really a pretty interesting matchup. Whitney has to be the clear frontrunner at this point, mostly because she has spent so much time with Brad and clearly has put herself out there more for him as someone who is genuinely interested. With this being said, though, she also comes across as the person who is just there to win more than the person who wants to be with Brad. (We don’t personally know what’s going on inside Whitney’s head, though, so this may be an unfair assumption.)

Bianka and Kara are each interesting competitors in their own right. It never really felt like Bianka was in this to win it until recently, and there is something that Brad may find interesting in this sort of “hard to get” attitude. Kara, meanwhile, is probably the most likable of the three ladies; unfortunately, we’ve learned by now that the fan favorite is often not the person on this show who gets the final rose in the end.

Who are you rooting for out of the final three?

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