‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 finale spoilers: Will we be satisfied?

Downton Abbey season 3When you have a show that is ultimately going to be off of the air for as long as “Downton Abbey” is going to be in between seasons 3 and 4, there is really one thing that you have to hope for as a result: that somehow, you craft an ending that will leave all of your fans satisfied while they wait for more. Luckily, one of the actors feels like that will come … at least courtesy of his own characters.

Speaking out as a part of a chat with Marie Claire, here is what Ed Speleers had to say specifically about what sort of ending we could see for his character of Jimmy this year, especially as he has a pretty major internal debate going on at the moment as to whether he should  press charges against Thomas as a way to hide his sexuality, or show some sort of mercy while consequently putting a part of himself he wants hidden at risk:

“Hopefully [it will be satisfying all around]. I hope people see enough depth in my character to see the good side and the bad side we haven’t seen yet.”

Within the finale, we should also find out whether or not Jimmy was just a character designed to further along the story in the short-term, or if he is a face that we are going to be seeing a good bit more of moving forward into what could be the final couple of years for the ITV drama depending on how the story ends up panning out.

Do you want to be a little bit of joy and sadness in the ending to the season? In case you have yet to see any of our finale preview series, all you have to do is visit the link here.

Photo: ITV

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