‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 spoilers: What has Branson so excited?

We are nearing the conclusion to “Downton Abbey” season 3, and in addition to that our photo preview series is also drawing to a close. So what is the perfect way to end this? We’re sure that the photo to the left is serving as proof that at least one person is excited already.

Granted, we still have no idea just what is going on with Tom Branson based on the photo to the left. Has somehow just given him one of the greatest gifts of his life, or did he find a live snail on his dinner plate? While he looks to be so flabbergasted, Matthew has a look on his face that almost suggests that he is indifferent to the whole thing, or possibly even agitated. With that in mind, we suppose that it is hardly something that is particularly frightening.

Branson received a rather generous offer from the Grantham family at the end of last week’s episode, as we was offered a rather kind opportunity to stay a part of the Abbey following the birth of his daughter Sybil. After all, his options were to either go along with this plan, or ultimately move his family to Liverpool to be at his brother’s garage … which is not the sort of place that Robert or Cora wants to see their granddaughter. We anticipate him staying put in Downton for quite a while longer, though we are also sure that this will not be the end of the fireworks here considering that Branson and Robert are never men to shy away from their opinions.

Why do you think Tom is so animated here?

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