Is Soundtrack renewed for season 2, canceled at Netflix?

SoundtrackIs Soundtrack renewed for a season 2 at Netflix, with today being the official series premiere? Within this piece, we’ve got more news on that subject!

Let’s go ahead and get the following out of the way right now — there is no official word at the moment on Soundtrack season 2. We know that the Jenna Dewan series is looking to make a big splash, and this is an interesting time for it to premiere! Let’s think about it through the following lens here — we’re talking about a show that is coming on at a time in which there isn’t a lot of other stuff on the air, and then also one that has a big-name star at the center of it. These things could very well help it.

Yet, there are some other elements here that could hurt it. Take, for example, that the show is launching on a Thursday instead of a Friday — or, that it doesn’t seem like it’s had a flurry of promotion as of late. It’s a unique show in that there’s so much singing and dancing in it, but do the majority of viewers out there even recognize that it’s on? That’s the sort of thing that we’re worried about at the moment. There just isn’t a lot of awareness out there about the series in comparison to some other ones on Netflix.

Ultimately, remember this — it’s going to take a little bit of time for the show’s future to be determined one way or another. Netflix often looks at a couple of months of data before making a firm decision on any of their shows — they want to get a sense not only of how they are doing now, but also how they’re going to be doing down the road. They also want to ensure that there are a lot of viewers watching the whole way through. Sure, it matters whether or not there are a lot of people watching the first episode, but it matters even more if a high percentage of them watch the finale. Keep that in mind over the coming days.

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