‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: Nina Dobrev vengeful in ‘The Killer’

Thus far, “The Vampire Diaries” season 4 has been a little confusing in that we don’t really know where anything is going. Luckily, Thursday night’s episode was at least useful in giving us clarity on a few subjects. For example, we now know that Connor’s ancestors in The Five may have come up with some sort of cure for vampirism; and with this, he becomes one of the most essential people around in terms of keeping him alive.

Nothing on this show, though, is ever so simple, and on this occasion the complication arises in that while they may want to keep Connor alive for the time being, not everyone else may end up feeling that way. How so? Let’s just say that Connor is back on the prowl, and his mission is not to wait around until everyone starts to figure out who he is. Instead, he is more just curious in killing every vampire in Mystic Falls while hopefully not getting tied to anything again where he is forced to show off his massive pecs all over again (though we’re sure that plenty of folks out there would like that).

From a pure writing perspective, it’s hardly a surprise that it would be set up that Elena’s vampirism could be cured, largely in that this way, they can have a backdoor out of keeping her and some of the other characters immortal in the long-term. In some cases we would accuse this of being a cop-out, but we actually like it here in that it could solve what has become a major problem for this show over time: having too many people with supernatural powers.

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