The Resident season 3 episode 10 promo: Trouble all around!

The ResidentOn Tuesday night, The Resident season 3 episode 10 is going to be airing on Fox, and it’s gonna be all sorts of intense. Conrad Hawkins is getting a chance to make a step forward in his career, but there are some other problems coming up all across the board. He may still have to contend, for example, with difficult patients, the board, and the consequences of his own past actions.

Then, there’s also the subject of Barrett Cain and some of what he’s been up to. It’s weird to think how we never imagined there would be a doctor anywhere near as notorious as Bell when it comes to ego. Yet, we’ve since learned otherwise. What we’re seeing with this character is a constant series of reminders that Cain mostly cares about himself, elevating his credentials, and always taking in all of the glory for himself.

So is he intentionally keeping comatose people alive as a means of allowing himself to avoid black marks on his record … or making the hospital more money? We think that both of these are interesting questions that will be explored via a wide array of characters in this upcoming episode.

By the end of this episode, we should at least have an answer as to what’s going to be happening with Cain. Either he’s going to face real consequences or move forward — one way or another, it’s probably going to prove to be dramatic.

As for some of the other changes taking shape at Chastain, Devon’s preparing for a new start, and we’d like to see him have some sort of glorious celebration as a result of the latest milestone in his life. We just don’t think anything is going to be getting better for him right away, mostly because 1) this is a show set at a hospital and 2) they never want us to have nice things for too long a period of time. There’s always going to be a rise and fall of tension and we just have to go ahead and be a little prepared for that.

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