Survivor: Island of the Idols: Will Dan Spilo’s removal lead to change?

Survivor: Island of the IdolsWednesday night’s new episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols proved to be one of the hardest ones in history. For the first time in history, a contestant was ejected in Dan Spilo — but, beyond that, it’s the circumstances that led to it that are so striking and unfortunate.

Why wasn’t Dan removed earlier? Kellee Kim spoke out about his inappropriate behavior in the early going and there was some evidence of it. Yet, production waited until after the merge to speak with him and, shortly after that, Kellee was voted out. He was only removed after an additional complaint from someone outside the game.

For now, Jeff Probst is not confirming whether or not Dan’s exit will lead to other changes in the show — but he did speak out about the subject of what could change to Entertainment Weekly:

“We have learned a great deal and it will inform our process and protocols on how to evolve moving forward. While we still want to maintain the competitive aspect of the game, above all, we want to ensure that all players always feel safe and respected. These conversations both internally and with outside organizations will continue.”

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Is this enough for Survivor as a show? We don’t quite think so. We would issue a stronger statement, one asserting that there will be changes. The main point of Survivor is to provide a competitive but enjoyable experience for contestants and viewers alike. It’s not to be hurtful or traumatizing, and the hard part of this particular issue is that there are ways much of it could have been prevented.

We wish Survivor was doing a little bit more in order to reassure fans of the future. We wish there was more being done in the moment. Yet, the true measure of the game’s future is going to come in future seasons, when we see how Probst and the producers react to both the actions and the public outcry. Both are important.

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