Vikings season 6 episode 5 preview: Is Bjorn being led into a trap?

Vikings season 6 bjornBjorn is not having a good time right now on Vikings season 6, so to say we are worried about him going into season episode 5 would be an understatement. Not only has he and his men been surrounded by Olaf, but he has been presented with a very strange offer that sounds like yet another trap.

Olaf has suggested that all vikings need to be ruled under one king and that this king should be Bjorn. He wants to get all of the Kings and Jarls together to decide on this and once that happens Olaf will give up his power and titles. This all sounds like an elaborate plan to get everyone in power in a room together and kill everyone off like a Vikings red wedding if you ask us, but Bjorn’s not really in a position to negotiate. To add an extra heaping of misery onto Bjorn (even though he doesn’t know it yet) his son has been killed by the man that he branded and set off to live a life of banishment. So far in Bjorn’s reign, there are a lot of mistakes being made and lives are being lost because of these choices including people he loves the most. We are still worried that Bjorn’s choice to let this man go is going to end with the death of his mother Lagertha, but after having a vision Gunhild has saddled up and is headed off to make sure Lagertha is okay. We suspect that there will be yet another attack on Lagertha’s village since the bandits walked away without their grain – hopefully Gunhild and her reinforcements will get there in time.

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On the other side of the world we are seeing Ivar plotting and scheming to overthrow Prince Oleg. Now that he has told Ivar that he wants to take Kattegat and have Ivar on the throne there as his puppet, Ivar has decided to do what he does best and start working some other angles. Ivar is no one’s puppet. He’s developed a close relationship with the young boy who is the real ruler of the lands (whoever controls the child controls everything), and now he is trying to work with Oleg’s brother to gain even more leverage tapping into his brother’s thirst for revenge. The larger question though, is if Ivar planning to overthrown Oleg and take over, or is it to gain control of his army and go back to Kattegat stronger then ever?

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