‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: What Chris Colfer, Darren Criss will do next

Glee - Kurt and BlaineIf “Glee” season 4 continues going down the road that it’s going on right now, this will easily have to be the saddest year yet just when it comes to some of the show’s most-beloved couples. So is there really any hope on the horizon here? It may depend on the end of the day on just what you choose to define “hope” as. If you look at it as one person in the old relationship still trying to make something work, you may be right; otherwise, prepare to be sad for a while.

According to a new report from TVLine, there is not going to be very much coming up here when it comes to Kurt and Blaine communicating, outside of maybe Blaine trying to text Kurt, only to have his former boyfriend not respond. This will be a heartbreaking situation in many ways; while it will be clear that Blaine regrets doing what he did with the mysterious “Eli C.” (who we will meet at some point, and learn a bit more about), that is not going to make Kurt feel any better that it happened, or that he may have done something himself to put him in that situation.

Kurt and Blaine will at least be in Lima together during the upcoming “Grease” tribute episode, but there are no plans at the moment for them to spend any time together; meanwhile, the two parties will remain apart for Thanksgiving, as Kurt opts to stay in New York for the holiday with his roommate Rachel (Lea Michele).

“Glee” season 4 returns to TV on Thursday, November 8 with “The Role You Were Born To Play.” If you want more teasers from this episode, be sure to check out the story online over at the link.

Photo: Fox

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