‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 spoilers: Rob James-Collier talks Thomas, Jimmy

“Downton Abbey” season 3 has been stuffed full of surprises thus far, but one of the more intriguing stories pushing forward to the finale revolves around just what is going to happy to the downstairs workers Thomas and Jimmy. During this past episode, Thomas landed himself in some pretty hot water with Mr. Carson over kissing Jimmy (otherwise known as James), and he is going to have to deal with the consequences that come with that. It’s still unclear, after all, as to whether or not the closeted newbie is going to phone the police as a means to avoid his secret coming out in the open.

So what was this kissing scene like for the actor playing Thomas? Speaking in an interview with The Huffington Post on the subject, Rob James-Collier took a humor approach to the scene, and suggested that really Julian Fellowes could not give him a better character to be involved with for the scene:

“That guy Ed Speleers (who plays Jimmy) has got really soft lips … If you’re going to kiss a man, let it be a beautiful man like Ed Speleers. I’m not going to demand a beautiful guy. I’d kiss ugly guys as well, but if they’re good looking… it’s a bonus.”

Whatever happens when it comes to Jimmy and Thomas, we have to hope that it will be resolved soon. “Downton Abbey” season 3 officially comes to a close on Sunday, even though there will be a Christmas special that airs a month in a half down the road. Therefore, the ending has to be satisfying enough for people to be patient to wait for several months.

What do you want to see happen as the conclusion to this season?

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