ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: The tone of the sci-fi convention

What better way to kick off the November sweeps than with one of the more exciting “Castle” season 5 episodes out there? This at least seems to be the philosophy of the show’s executive producer in Andrew Marlowe, who really seems intent on giving not just fans of the show something to celebrate, but also fans of science fiction conventions with their upcoming episode “The Final Frontier.” Nathan Fillion already has such a history with these sort of conventions thanks to “Firefly,” and it really only seemed appropriate to have this be something that the show really tried to dive in and explore.

The one good thing that fans of Comic-Con can count on is that the show is not going to be out to stereotype them, or make them appear to be people with pimples all over the face with deep seeded World of Warcraft obsessions. Speaking to TV Guide, executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe promises instead here that we are going to see something fun, and also respectful to the culture:

“Other shows do [episodes set at] science-fiction conventions and it seems they’re always contemptuous of the people there,” says executive producer and self-described “closet geek” Andrew Marlowe. “But fantasy plays an important role in everybody’s life. We all need ways to escape. We wanted to have fun with this world, but we didn’t want to make fun of it.”

The episode, directed by “Star Trek” alum Jonathan Frakes, will focus on the death of a fan at a fictional convention, and Castle (who himself is a frequent presence as such places thanks to his mystery novels) joins forces with Beckett and the rest of the force to find out just who is responsible. There are delightful little homages to the genre throughout, in addition to there being a few moments that will surely provide a few laughs.

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