‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Captain Hook explains it all (video)

“Once Upon a Time” season 2 has certainly been divided thus far, and it is really all thanks to the fact that we are seeing the adventures of Prince Charming and Snow White separated into two different worlds. However, the silver lining here is that we are going to see soon a way in which all of our favorite fairy tale characters reunite courtesy of a giant beanstalk, a magic bean, a compass, and a very evil giant that is seemingly the last of its kind.

Once you consider the story that all of this is based on, you cannot really be surprised at all that the journey for Emma and Captain Hook to try and uncover this compass to guide them to Storybrooke is not going to be remotely easy for them. Sadly, the new sneak peek that was just released for this episode does not really give us that much more of an indication as to what we can expect. Instead, this is mostly a recap from Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) of everything that we already know about the compass, and Snow and Emma acting suspicious that they are going to help him get what they need, only to later sell them out to Cora.

Our main concern in watching this is that we do not know just yet if we are seeing enough of the Captain’s wicked ways to justify all of the hype that has been around his appearance every since before this season began. Is he really so evil, or is he just driven to get revenge over something terrible that was done to him?

When you want to see some more scoop about Snow White and Charming for the rest of “Once Upon a Time” season 2, be sure to visit the story over here.

Photo: ABC, video from Entertainment Weekly (via SpoilerTV)

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