Madam Secretary season 6 episode 9: Elizabeth vs. impeachment

Tonight, Madam Secretary season 6 episode 9 arrived on CBS and brought out a number of happy moments. Yet, they were also mixed with a few harsh ones for Elizabeth McCord as there are still questions aplenty in regards to her political future.

Then, we do at least have a couple different happy moments that we can discuss. Take, for example, the big news that Stevie McCord is engaged! The proposal from Dmitri near the end of the episode was sweet — it was a testament to how much he cares about her, and then also at the same time their whole journey. We also love that it came in the midst of what was a swirling crisis.

Oh, and there is some more hopeful, happy news that we had within this episode — it seems as though we’re getting near the end of the whole impeachment inquiry. After Elizabeth was able to take care of a crisis with China, some in the committee decided that they no longer wanted a part in ensuring that she be removed from office. While we weren’t sure that this was the end of the road at that very moment, we did think that the writers didn’t want to drag out this story until the end of the run. They recognized that there are going to be some other important stories to address, after all, in the finale.

Thankfully, we learned soon after that this was, in fact, the end of the road for the impeachment story. The scene at the end of the episode proved that. Elizabeth was able to drew millions of people to Washington in support of her Presidency — but it actually wasn’t just because of her. She had a little girl to think for starting a “She’s My President” movement that brought one of the largest gatherings to the nation’s capital in history. It was all because she was a symbol of hope for everyone wanting more from this country.

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