‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Will the father of Sue’s baby remain a mystery?

When “Glee” started off this season, we thought for sure that we were finally going to learn the answer to a question that has plagued fans for nearly a year now: who in the world is Sue Sylvester’s baby daddy? She’s claimed that it was a celebrity, joked about it, but nothing in the story this season has allowed us to actually find out more about who they belong to. At this point, the child is almost starting to rival Mr. Big’s real name on “Sex and the City” and Howard’s mother on “The Big Bang Theory” as one of the biggest mysteries in television.

With this in mind, don’t expect to find out an answer to this mystery anytime soon. As Jane Lynch recently told E! News, the writers have really yet to give her any indication at all that there will be anything about the child’s father coming up in the scripts for at least the fall portion of this season:

“We’re on episode eight and it hasn’t even been mentioned yet, so we’ll find out … I don’t think the writers [know]. I don’t think they’ve decided yet.”

This may sound incredibly frustrating, but there is almost a part of us that is starting to think that it would be better if we never found out the father of the child until at least the last episode of the show. Why reveal it? There is no way that the revelation is ever going to live up to the massive hype surrounding it, and this way you can at least continue to keep people guessing for a little while longer.

Do you think that Sue’s baby is really something that we need to find out about soon for the sake of the show, or are you okay with waiting a little while longer? We want to hear some more of your thoughts below!

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