God Friended Me season 2 episode 10 promo: Big stakes in ‘High Anxiety’

God Friended MeGod Friended Me season 2 episode 10 is set to be arriving on CBS a week from Sunday, and this is hardly your standard God-Account friend suggestion. Instead, what you’re looking at here is a case of serious, important stakes … and a life that could end up being lost along the way.

In the promo below, you can get a sense of what we’re talking about as a man finds himself dangling off of a skyscraper for dear life. While it’s not entirely the case of the God Account planned this sort of crisis, there was obviously a reason that he needed Miles’ help.

What is so interesting about this particular suggestion from God, more so than anything, is the struggle of what Miles has going on within his heart at the moment. He and Cara are at a precipice after this past episode put the two of them apart. While they may have grown close because of the God Account, this is also the same thing that is causing them friction now. She thinks that he chose the account over her when it mattered to her the most, and we don’t think what happened to her stepfather is going to be forgotten anytime soon. The only thing that you can hope for is a chance to ease that story and cause Cara a little bit less pain … but that’s not going to come about easy. In between what we saw this past episode and also within the story of Gideon, it’s clear that there is a darker side of following the God Account. It asks a lot out of you, and there may consequences that come with being its prophet.

In the end, one of the larger questions we have about the account right now goes beyond who is running. Instead, it’s about why they would choose to do some of what they are. After all, why cause Miles this much grief when he has done so much for you already? Consider us very much curious to get some answers there.

We’re not sure this episode will give us all of the answers … but it may at least put us on the right path.

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