Anne with an E movie: Could it happen after cancellation?

It’s been a solid day now since the news of Anne with an E being canceled first came down over at Netflix/CBC … and we’re still shocked. We still feel like this was more of a Netflix decision than a CBC one, but we say that mostly as someone who is used to seeing some great shows fall somewhat by the wayside there.

So is all hope lost? We don’t quite think so. After all, more than a million tweets were tabulated yesterday (and that’s just for one hashtag!), and we recognize that fan movements have worked in the past. Check out Lucifer and The Expanse as two excellent examples — even Sense8 was brought by for a movie, by Netflix, after the streaming service originally canceled it.

So could something similar happen here? While we’d love to see more than just an Anne with an E movie (a season 4 would be ideal), let’s face it — it’s hard to be picky when cancellation is the only other option. At this point, we are very much in the camp of “we’ll take whatever we can get.”

Speaking in a new statement via Entertainment Weekly, show executive producer Moira Walley-Beckett seems to suggest that a movie to wrap up these stories is at least possible:

“The fan support and love for Anne with an E is overwhelming, heartening, and wonderful — how I love these Kindred Spirits … This proves to me how much this show has connected with a diverse audience around the world and how meaningful it is to everyone. I am incredibly proud of these three seasons. Creating Anne with an E was an amazing experience — it was my heart project and I gave all of myself to it. I’m so grateful to my extraordinary cast, crew, writers, and directors for passionately bringing my vision to life.

“I will miss this show forever and a day. That being said, I’d love to write an AWAE finale feature film…”

If this can happen, getting on it fast is one of the best ways to convince the parties involved to change their minds. After all, come Thursday and Friday, a lot of executives/decision-makers will be off (at least in America) and it’ll be harder for campaigns then to have any traction. You’d then have to come back and kick the campaign off again on Monday. The next two days are therefore important; the stakes aren’t life-or-death for the show’s future, but it does feel like a chance to move the needle.

Do you want to see an Anne with an E movie happen?

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