God Friended Me season 2 episode 9: Are Miles, Cara in trouble?

God Friended MeFor the past few episodes of God Friended Me season 2, it felt like Miles and Cara were among the most stable relationships on TV. They loved each other, they supported each other, and they had a unified goal — working in order to resolve every suggestion handed down by the God Account.

Yet, what happened in the event a suggestion became a little more personal? That came when Paul, Cara’s stepfather, found himself mixed up in a case of inside trading. Miles got the suggestion from God to help, and then he did everything that he could … even at the expense of how Cara felt at times. He acted on his own, he didn’t listen to her, and he put the suggestion of a mysterious account over everything else in his life.

Did he actually help Cara’s family in the end? Maybe. It’s rather hard to say. You can argue that were it not for his interference, Paul would’ve fled to Canada rather than going to jail, serving his sentence, and starting over. Yet, it was the way that things ended here that was so unsettling. Usually, missions pertaining to the God Account have a happy ending of sorts. Yet, there was no clear and present happy ending here — at least on the surface.

At the end of the episode, Miles had to contend with Cara feeling hurt and heartbroken that he chose the God Account over her, thinking that he didn’t have to just follow the advice that Gideon gave him.

The lasting effects of this storyline are unclear, but we do think that this is the first major hurdle that Miles and Cara are going to cross since saying “I love you” to each other. Miles needs to recognize that the ideas in his head are not always perfectly identical to how others feel about situations. Also, he needs to let Cara run point more on God Account missions that are more personal in nature. She recognizes that there’s often value in what the account does, but this was her family and her story. There’s a lot now that needs to be repaired.

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