Law & Order: SVU season 21 fall finale: Is Rollins okay?

SVU season 21Last night marked the Law & Order: SVU season 21 fall finale and for now, let’s just try and do our best to cope, shall we?

Given that this was the final episode of the calendar year, we did expect for there to be shocking things to happen. We also braced ourselves for the possibility of a cliffhanger. But this cliffhanger? We’d go ahead and file this under “things we should have seen coming, but for some reason didn’t.” At the end of the episode, we saw Rollins clearly in danger thanks to Bucci, and whatever happens to her now is going to play out in the upcoming premiere.

Yet, we also know that Getz seemingly is going to take his own life eventually behind bars — we know already how this ends. It’s a little bit of an unusual mystery in that way, given that it doesn’t feel as though there is any particular drama to the end of it. It’s more about what happens in the middle. Granted, we don’t know for sure everything that happens with Rollins, and we just hope that we’re not having to gear up for a reprisal of the William Lewis situation all over again.

In general, though, we think that the SVU fall finale is meant to echo the Epstein case in a lot of ways, and show just how dangerous and hard to pin down some wealthy men are. They have the power and the resources to deflect a lot of serious claims and they will come at whoever opposes them. Maybe knowing the end in advance is meant to be a form of closure before getting into the horrors of the actual story, but whether or not that helps some viewers is up for debate. What we know is that this was as intense of a midseason finale as SVU has delivered on in some time, especially in terms of a delivering a harrowing cliffhanger, the sort that we imagine a number of different people out there are going to be talking about for a rather-long time still.

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