‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: Jensen Ackles on Dean’s determination

Being put away in a place like purgatory for a long time can change a personality, and that is certainly what we are going to be seeing courtesy of one Dean Winchester … at least according to some new comments made recently by the actor himself.

Speaking in a new interview via TV Guide, Jensen Ackles tries to explain the change in philosophy Dean as a character has had since re-entering the real world, and how some of the issues and pain that he worked through while in purgatory are now helping him to adapt to a rather difficult everyday life:

“Dean is very sharp now coming out of Purgatory. He was always a good hunter and his skills were always sharp, but now they’re extra-sharp. He’s essentially spent the past year in the trenches, in hunter boot camp, so coming out he’s a little bit more quick and keen to be a hunter. … Now Dean has come back, I think that’s the biggest thing he’s taken from this, that he understands his purpose. He understand why he is who he is, and that is what he’s supposed to be doing. And he’s not going to let anyone get in the way or talk him out of it.”

With every change comes issues, and for Dean one of those is going to be dealing with a man (or vampire) who helped him become a free man in Benny. Unfortunately, he is going to realize rather quickly that Benny is not the sort of character he really wants around him too much in the real world based on some of his own actions.

What do you want to see happen to Dean this season?

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