‘Survivor: Philippines’ prediction: Madness, we say!

As we said during our preview piece earlier in the week, Wednesday night’s new episode of “Survivor” may be our very favorite of the whole season. Why? It’s the merge spectacular, where we are going to see a gigantic scramble for survival among the people who are still left in the game. We anticipate this being not only fun to watch, but extremely chaotic. With that being said, it also makes this entire episode a little bit hard to predict,

Nonetheless, we are still going to try our best here, but do not be surprised if this turns out rather different than our rankings, which we created back before we knew that this episode was going to have a merge in it.

Biggest mover and shaker – Mike Skupin. This may be an example of a tribe that really should have gone to tribal council in Tandang, because he and Jonathan Penner being on the same tribe together is bad news. You know that these two are going to end up working together, and he also knows now courtesy of RC that not everyone on his tribe necessarily likes him. With all of this in mind, don’t be stunned if he teams up with RC, Penner, and Jeff (who we see talking to him in the preview) in a new alliance. It also would not be hard to get both Lisa and Carter in the fold courtesy of their own past allegiances.

Idol watch – There are three immunity idols currently still in this game, but we’re really any of them could be used given how this vote will probably be a blindside. We could see either Malcolm or Penner playing it just to be safe, but we don’t really think that they would need it.

Likely elimination – We’re going to go out on a limb here and say Pete. Why? His alliance with Abi-Maria was smart on Tandang, but he didn’t really think with the big picture in mind. Now RC and Skupin could go and tattle to Kalabaw, and those six people would be enough. We just see Pete as being too arrogant for his own good, and we’re not even sure that Abi would even play the idol for him.

Who do you think is going to be sent home this week? We want to hear some of your predictions below!

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