Is Jon Voight leaving Ray Donovan following season 7 premiere?

Jon VoightIs Jon Voight leaving Ray Donovan following the events of the season 7 premiere? That’s a question floating around out there.

At the moment, nothing appears to be altogether sure — but it does seem as though there’s a chance that Mickey is dead. That’s clearly something that the producers want you to think at the moment. That doesn’t mean that he is actually gone, but it’s an impression they want out there.

Personally, we think that he’s still alive … mostly because it’s hard to imagine Ray Donovan without Mickey at this point. He’s too much of the center for this series and this all feels a little bit too sudden. Yet, this could be the sort of shocking event that is designed to make you have your jaw hanging on the ground and speculating over the future.

We do think that there’s at least some potential for Ray Donovan to feature Mickey again — the explosion was big and it was crazy, but there is always a chance that he finds his way out. The odds don’t seem high, but we’ve seen crazier things happen on TV … and with this family. We’re gonna go ahead and prepare for almost anything to happen moving into the next week, and probably all of the weeks to come for the remainder of season 7.

For now, know this — there is zero evidence that Ray Donovan is going to be losing Jon Voight for good tonight. Also, know that this is a show in its seventh season that was probably looking for some singular event to really get people talking. This could be it — if nothing else, the mystery of it all does allow for some speculation. (We personally think that Mickey will eventually die, but it may not happen until we get around to the end of the series. There’s not even a guarantee at the moment that season 7 is going to be the final season!)

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