‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 spoilers: Kurt Sutter on possibility of more death

So could we see the body count rise further on “Sons of Anarchy” this season? You can almost nod “yes” without question here based solely on what sort of show this is. However, there is still a debate to be had here as to whether or not any of the characters who do perish are series regulars, or people who are going to be very much missed when they are gone.

Always one to keep some secrets close to the vest, executive producer Kurt Sutter opened up to TVLine not long after Tuesday night’s episode was done airing; and in the interview, he tried to explain the possible reasoning that goes into someone dying without really giving an answer as to if a major character will:

“Potentially. Maybe one. I’ve said this from the beginning: If I go back to my Hamlet archetype, there are a couple of acts where wheels are spinning and then the third act is where the guillotine falls — and that’s what’s happening now. It’s the ramifications of a lot of circumstances, a lot of relationships, a lot of lies. It’s a bloody life. One of the things we’ve always done and continue to do on this show is, as random and as off-handed as some of the violence may seem, we very rarely do stuff in a vacuum… It may not happen until the next episode or the next season, but actions have reactions and that stuff can come back and bite you in the a– at anytime. That’s really what we’re seeing now; the stakes are higher and relationships are much more complicated. So, when you raise the stakes like that and your narrative continues to get thicker, s–t happens.”

While we are assuming that Jax is safe in that Charlie Hunnam is the heartbeat of the show, we also would not be willing to say the same thing for anyone else. After all, Gemma and Clay have been in unstable positions at times this season, Nero and Damon Pope are characters who had their arc designed for this season, and it’s pretty clear that Roosevelt is going down a dark path. In between all of these people and what Juice has been up to, you really have plenty of options here.

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