Survivor: Island of the Idols: Janet Carbin, Aaron Meredith react to difficult episode

Janet CarbinLast night’s new episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols was difficult — as a matter of fact, you could say it was painful. Seeing Kellee Kim voted off amidst all of the controversy around Dan Spilo was difficult; then, it was just as much then seeing Janet Carbin pushed aside and treated like an outsider for defending her. She thought that she was doing the right thing in standing up for a number of the women in the cast, especially after multiple people on the merged tribe came to her with concerns.

Yet, after Kellee was voted out, some players (in particular Elizabeth and Missy) changed some of their tune. They used the Dan incident as strategy, and then left Janet holding the bad and being targeted. She didn’t end up being voted off, though she did end up using an immunity idol. (She wouldn’t have needed it, but it’s hard to blame her given the situation.)

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At this point, many of those involved in last night’s controversy have remained silent on social media — it may be a subject saved for the reunion, or it may be hard to discuss without giving away further spoilers. Yet, Janet did post a message on Twitter thanking everyone for their support, but also asking readers to not go too harshly on anyone else:

I want to thank you for all of your support. It was a very difficult time, however I do love and care for my fellow survivors and I don’t want to see them negatively affected by anything that is said from the game. Thanks everyone.

Meanwhile, Aaron Meredith chose to post a two-part video apology on Twitter over his comments at Tribal Council last night, including the dismissiveness in which he viewed Janet’s recent actions. He referred to her as a “victim,” and did his best to justify his support for women by noting that he had a number of female family members.

This is going to be a difficult journey moving forward this season — there is no way around that. Dan is in the game, whereas two of the most notable people opposed to him in Jamal and Kellee are on the jury. They cannot speak out and open up about some of their own feelings.

We just hope that, for everyone involved last night, they’re able to look at this situation and figure out how to better themselves. This can be a chance to listen and learn. (Photo: CBS.)

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