‘Sons of Anarchy’ review: Mediators, negotiators, and [spoiler] makes a deal

There are a number of things that we do not really expect to see on an episode of “Sons of Anarchy,” and one of them was Clay in a position where he would actually be trying to “help” other people. Granted, by “help” we do still have to realize that he is acting with his own self interest first and foremost.

Ron Perlman’s character started things off in crazy fashion this week by helping Gemma take less of the blame when it came to the car accident last week, and this changed what would have otherwise been Jax and Tara’s opinion of her. Following that, he also got Juice to admit some of his own shady business from within SAMCRO, and how he almost felt blackmailed to go through with it. Do you really think this plan lasted? Far from it … but more on that later.

Really, most of this episode was really based on around two quests: Jax’s hope to figure out what happened to Gemma, and Eli continuing to go down a pretty dark road as he was desperate to get revenge over the death of his family. In the end, this did lead to the two parties making a deal to help each other out: if Jax could bring him Frankie Diamonds or anyone else responsible for what happened to his family, he would have SAMCRO’s rat for Jax at his table. It was a nice proposition, even though it was interesting to see Jax turn to negotiation after he had already shot a man three times on a rooftop. (Yes, there was plenty of violence this week!)

Jax’s other struggle here came via his realization that Clay was the man responsible for the home invasions, but he just needed some sort of proof to make it happen. What was his deal here? As a way to earn back her trust, she had to get close to Clay (by sleeping with him) and learn his secrets. It was a crazy end to a great episode, one in which we saw some genuine movement made in a few of the show’s primary plots. Plus, this show is always at its best when Jax and Clay are at odds, and they certainly are now.

What did you think about this episode?

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