‘Hart of Dixie’ review: George, Zoe, and Wade’s Halloween surprise

On Tuesday night’s new episode of “Hart of Dixie,” we were all in the Halloween spirit. What was the biggest surprise here? That this spirit somehow managed to turn sour thanks to a sleep study that got completely out of control.

The premise behind this hour was simple enough: after George started to sleepwalk his way around Bluebell, Zoe decided to spend Halloween night as his doctor to help him out, even while Wade was having to say no to all sorts of women in skimpy outfits while working as James Bond at the bar. This arrangement was awkward enough, and it ended up becoming far worse when Zoe fell asleep and George put on a fireman’s costume, went to the party at the bar in a daze, and started wandering around admitting to everyone that he and Zoe were together. This did not sit with with Wade, who ended up pushing him off into the water.

Finally, the cat was out of the bad when it came to this relationship while Zoe admitted to George that she was seeing someone, though she did not say who it was outside of that it wasn’t serious. However, at the very end here it looks as though George found himself a new love interest, after all, it was Lisa from “The Newsroom.”

While all of this madness was going on, Lavon had some trouble of his own as his attempt to try and win over some votes just by dating Annabeth, if for no other reason than that she went to Auburn and he could get those voters. He ended up feeling ridiculously guilty about it, even to the point where he may have cost himself the election in the process. Then again, it was worth it when it came to his conscience, and very entertaining to watch.

What did you think about this episode?

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